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 Do you miss the real skills of traditional craftsmen?

It is often said, “They don’t make them like they used to!”
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Well now you can say, “I know a woman who does.”


Made to measure and built to last.


Let Penny Productions introduce you to their top quality, individual, handmade furniture, boxes, rocking motorbikes, and wooden solitaire and tick tack toe games with glass marbles.


Local Timber from Lancashire is used where possible, individual boards are selected and chosen
for character and grain matched before construction.


The individual parts are then cut and the grain matched before starting to construct the item.

 All furniture is given up to seven coats of oil then waxed to bring out the very best in the colour
and natural markings of the wood. This results in a hardwearing, durable and renewable finish.
When we are satisfied that the completed item meets our standards
and the customer's requirements it goes to it's new home.


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Penny Productions

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Penny Productions are so called because:
Everything we make has a penny inserted for the year it was made hence the name penny productions,
not quite as famous as the mouse yet but getting there.
This makes the gift particularly special for birthdays, christenings, weddings and anniversaries.

Callers are welcome by appointment, we are situated in Barnacre, near Garstang in Lancashire, between Preston & Lancaster.  Please telephone 07759 134 173 for any enquiries I am happy to answer any queries no matter how big or small. Sally

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